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This is 2016 (soon to be 2017)
Just to make it clear - I believe this page is officially dead, and I have no intention of resurrecting it after such a long time. Most of the art here is of almost before 10 years, back in '07 when I was 17.
As of recent years, I became more occupied with writing (in Hebrew) and therefore I'm left with no time at all for drawing.
Still, I enjoy finding good art here on DA, and always enjoy the good artists here.
To all those who crossed (and will, maybe, cross) this page - thank you for your time and interest in my work. I'll always return the favor.

Happy Hanukah\Christmas\New Year - have a splendid time!
That's it, folks. I'm recruiting to the army. My day have come. In Sunday (22.3) I will see DA once in a while. Long time I haven't updated this journal also. I just want to say thanks to so much great artists in this site, that makes my entering here worth it:

From angel rank:

:iconelcool: You make me smile each time I see a creation of yours. Also your last update was really good. Touching like.
:iconogghunter: One of the best friends of mine in real life. Today he's in the university, but he never forgets about me.
:iconmaybejuly: I know her also personally. Good artist, also a really nice person herself. Keep it goin'!
:iconaeveternal: Although your art claims much to improve, you have improved magnificently since I add you to my watch list.
:iconvgcscott: AMAZING MAN! The writer and artist of VGCats. I know you think I'm some kind of a spammer (because of the bug), so I wish you to forgive me. I really love you and what you do. I read your comics monthly.
:iconskywalker100:  Though I know you through Isra-Blog, I know you also through DA. Your signatures are real somethin'! Don't give up on your blog and mine- Avatar worshiping here in Israel must continue!

From saraf rank:

:iconadiadii: I love your art, reminds me of Disney. Always so colorful and outstanding art-line. Keep that goin' too.
:iconbooter-freak: Amazing art there, Boot! Your funny and well painter. If only I could achieve level like yours.
:iconcallmepo: Call me Po, your art of chicks and boobs always makes me inspired, and also horny. But the inspired part is what's important.
:icondoritmayagur1: Ahh! Dorit! Thank you for amazing character Falafel-Man! Also for your fantastic art, and yourself for posting on my creations!
:iconpugletz: Your art always makes me want to see avatar. You also create wonderful role-plays character over the web. I used even some of your sketches and lines as references.

From god rank:

:iconrufftoon: One, of the most amazing, most perfectionist artist I've ever met. Each line she draw, make me feel like I witness avatar making- and a bit jealous. She is so incredible,I kept reading her comics, just too look at her art. Juan, if you ever continue the Horus comics- TELL ME!
:iconkeun-chul: Really crazy South-Korean artist. His coloring techniques and results makes me stunned. One of the best artists here in DA.
:iconkse332: This artist is a real animator! I really love everything he does. One day I'll see your movie, man. One day...

That's it, folks! As they say in pimp my ride, "Off to Gas!"

wish me luck.
  • Listening to: Army calls
  • Reading: The national anthm
  • Watching: My commanders
  • Playing: with the gun
  • Eating: Luff
  • Drinking: instant water powder.


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Sure! I stopped making art long ago, but I appreciate people who contribute and help.
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